Remy Ma Net Worth in 2020 | Celebrity Net Worth

Remy Ma Net Worth in 2020 | Celebrity Net Worth
Net Worth$4 Million
Other NamesRemy Martin / The BX Savior / Shesus Khryst
BornMay 30, 1980, Castle Hill, The Bronx, New York, U.S.
OccupationRapper / Song Writer/ Singer

There are some successful female rappers in the rap industry. Remy Ma is one of them. She was discovered by rap singer Big Pun and recently signed by Columbia Records.

Moreover, she began her career in 2006 with the release of her debut album titled ‘There’s Something About Remy – based on her true Story‘.  It is her unique talent that has earned her the respect of many in the industry.

Since her inception, she had the opportunity to collaborate with the most successful people in her industry, including Yo Gotti, Rick Ross, and DJ Khaled.


Early Life

Remy Ma was born on May 30, 1980, in the Bronx, New York.  As a child, remy had to take on the responsibility of her siblings because her family was addicted to drugs. It was during this time that Remy began to understand his love for poetry and rap.

Remy started to perform rap battle in high school and was soon recognized as one of her best neighbours. Before she knew it, she played in her mixtapes in clubs and other places in her area.

As soon as Big Pun found her, she was invited to join his rapper’s band Terror Squad.

What is the Net Worth Of Remy Ma?

As the calculations are done in the last quarter in 2019, Remy Holds a net worth of $4 Million. So she’s starting 2020 with $4 Million Net worth and we hope she’ll gain more worth While making good music.

$4 Million

Net worth of Remy Ma in 2020


She first appeared on Big Pun’s album, Yeeeah Baby, and was consulted until he died in 2000.  This was followed by Fat Joe who gave her advice.  She signed his SRC label. and then released her first album, ‘There Is Something About Remy’ in 2006.

Sold more than 35, 000 units in the first week, which made her career prosper.  Unfortunately, she was jailed in 2007 because of her involvement in a shooting in New York. It was sentenced to eight years but she released in 2014.  She started her career again from where she stopped.  She started collaborating with celebrities like DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, and Yo Gotti.


Outstanding Moments

The following are some of the best highlights of Remy Ma’s career

  • Soul Train Music Awards, Best Collaboration (2016)
  • BET Hip-Hop Awards, Best Collab, Duo or Group (2016)
  • Soul Train Music Awards, Rhythm & Bars Award (2016)
  • BET Awards, Best Female Hip-Hop Artist (2005)(2017)

3 Rules for Success From Remy Ma

The following are some of the lessons we can learn from Remy Ma’s value and how she achieved success.

  • Be Real

Never mind that you should be lost.  She says that she does not act like her famous “personality” in real life.

Remy Ma

She didn’t want to do that because the music portrays her.  Naturally she seems to be the most honest and attractive person.

Remy Ma
  • Be thankful for everything you have.

Everyone needs to understand how they were before they are in this situation.  It is important to always appreciate and accept the things around you as everything can be lost in a matter of seconds.

Remy Ma
  • Be humble

It is one of the best and most striking characteristics that a humble person can have.  Since most people always try to attack each other, people can’t really say they are humble.  Really humble people are trustworthy and morally desirable people.

Remy Ma


Remy Ma on Social Media


Remy Ma is a talented female rapper. From an early age, she was successful in getting to know her life as an adult. In the meantime, when her career was suspended for several years, Remy Ma net worth was approximately $ 4 million, and she is back in the music industry and moving forward with her career.

So. never allow anything to take your beautiful future away from you. Do as just as Remy. She lost at a point. But she discovered her success again.

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