Bernie Sanders Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth

Bernie Sanders Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth
Net Worth$2 Million
Full Name Bernard Sanders
BornSeptember 8, 1941 (age 78) BrooklynNew York City, U.S.
ProfessionUnited States Senator from Vermont
Updated On2020

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Who is Bernie Sanders?

In case you don’t know Burnie Sanders is a politician a United States Senator in the profession. He is also a well-known author, a journalist, a film director and a television producer.  All aside Burnie is the third runner up for the presidency of the USA in the year of 2016, and there is a hint that Burnie would run for the position in the year 2020.  Burnie is known as a heavy-hitter and a self-proclaimed democratic socialist.



Bernie AKA Bernard Sanders was born 1941 to two polish immigrants in Brooklyn, New York. His first political encounter occurred in the early 1980s as the mayor of Burlington, Vermont. After serving as a mayor for the whole 8 years in four terms, he became a representative in a house in the year 1991. After a successful career as a Representative Burnie was elected as the senator of Vermont in 2007 and is still the senator of Vermont to this day. In 2013 he became the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs.

What is the Net worth of Bernie Sanders?

$2 MIllion tweet

Bernie Sanders Net Worth


In the year 2016, Burnie Sanders made one million dollars. A percentage of 79.5% ($795,000) from the income came from a book advance. And he increased his net worth to 2 million dollars from his investments.

He made most his millions from the books he wrote such as THE REVOLUTION, OUTSIDER IN THE WHITE HOUSE and Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In . In Burnies words “I wrote a best-selling book. If you write a best-selling book, you can be a millionaire too.

Best Quotes By Bernie Sanders

It is time we had democratic socialism for working families, not just Wall Street billionaires. tweet

Bernie Sanders

One in four corporations doesn’t pay any taxes. tweet

Bernie Sanders

You want to know the way to raise money? Put a transaction fee on Wall Street, so maybe we can curb some of the speculation and raise some money. tweet

Bernie Sanders

Good environmental policy is good economic policy. tweet

Bernie Sanders

Before Social Security existed, about half of America’s senior citizens lived in poverty. tweet

Bernie Sanders


Yes, we become stronger when men and women, young and old, gay and straight, native-born and immigrant fight together to create the kind of country we all know we can become. tweet

Bernie Sanders

Democratic socialism means that we must create an economy that works for all, not just the very wealthy. tweet

Bernie Sanders

Finland is no utopia. tweet

Bernie Sanders

We need leadership in this country, which will improve the lives of working families, the children, the elderly, the sick and the poor. We need leadership which brings our people together and makes us stronger. tweet

Bernie Sanders

If a financial institution is too big to fail, it is too big to exist. tweet

Bernie Sanders

The U.S. constitution is an extraordinary document. In my view, it should not be amended often. tweet

Bernie Sanders

If you look at the newspapers here – the Washington papers – most of the discussion deals with campaign gossip. tweet

Bernie Sanders

There are a lot of smart honest, progressive people who I think can be good presidents. tweet

Bernie Sanders

Two-thirds of the directors at the New York Fed are hand-picked by the same bankers that the Fed is in charge of regulating. tweet

Bernie Sanders

Social Security is a promise that we cannot and must not break. tweet

Bernie Sanders

I don’t consider myself a pariah. tweet

Bernie Sanders

I’m not a Democrat, I’m an Independent, but I caucus with the Democrats. tweet

Bernie Sanders

I’m not much into speculation. tweet

Bernie Sanders



As much as Burnies Sanders had his success, he had his controversies too. He had quite a few. One was during the 2016 presidential campaign. It was a leaked e-mail. The e-mail showed the support from the DNC (Democratic National Convention) to the other candidate Hillary Clinton.

Another was with the Amazon founder and the owner Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos was the richest man back when the controversy happened.  Burnie Sanders twitted “Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ wealth increases by $275 million every single day. Meanwhile, Amazon workers have to rely on food stamps and public assistance to survive. This is what a rigged economy is all about.” Meaning that Jeff Bezos was part of the rigged economy. Burnie didn’t stop there. He continued to strike the Amazon owner again and again. Another time Burnie along with the current USA president Donald Trump accused Jeff of not paying taxes according to the CNET article.


Future of Bernie Sanders

Despite being at the age of 76, Burnie Sanders is not showing any slow movements. It’s safe to say that he won’t be slowing down in the near future. And as mentioned above, Burnie might participate in the presidential campaign 2020 as an active candidate. And according to the press, Burnie Sanders might win this time.

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